In “The brand new Relationship Turbulence”, Emily responses Raj’s dating site and you can Raj has actually Amy respond having him

In “The brand new Relationship Turbulence”, Emily responses Raj’s dating site and you can Raj has actually Amy respond having him

Into the “This new Bon Voyage Reaction”, Raj desires Lucy to hold away together with his nearest and dearest. Lucy was reluctant, however, agrees in order to satisfy that have that. Very first, Raj asks Leonard, until Penny means maybe among the many ladies’ have to do it. Cent and you will Bernadette are way too pretty and might end up being intimidating so you’re able to Lucy, very Amy shows that it ought to be their once the she try brand new outsider of your own category. From the dining, Amy is actually speaking of their particular knowledge into group and you will what you is certainly going really up to Raj once more actually starts to push Lucy. Raj informs Lucy that she does not have any in order to if she does not should. Amy feedback which they is skip your because the guy doesn’t read you to definitely she knows the severity of Lucy’s public stress. Raj objects to help you their unique talking-to anybody in the personal nervousness if the he has a social anxiety making them socially anxious, Amy up coming gets angry and you will tells your you to definitely the woman is a neurobiologist and this she is far more qualified to know very well what are no longer working in the girlfriend’s brain. Amy is even talking-to Raj because if Lucy isn’t also truth be told there. Raj reacts you to she actually is maybe not his girlfriend regardless of if the guy quickly asks Lucy if the she could well be. Lucy is getting a lot more uncomfortable when Raj contributes that in case she says no, he will never be pleased again. Lucy runs over to the toilet. Raj says to Amy that they may as well eat while the she isn’t coming back in the near future. Later on she agrees to get to Leonard’s going away class once Raj pleads their ahead. On group, Lucy try late immediately after which messages him you to definitely she isn’t future. Along with, she says to your that maybe it cannot discover each other once again and they break up and therefore very upsets Raj. Ultimately immediately after Penny requires Leonard on the airport, Raj learn that his knowledge of Lucy possess assisted him score doing his selective mutism when he discovers they can talk to Cent, and no alcoholic beverages.

For the “The brand new Itchy Attention Simulator”, Penny suits Lucy within Cheesecake Facility and yells in the their own to possess breaking up with him by email address. She plus says to their own you to definitely Raj is actually devastated and this she is actually a bad individual. Lucy following asks to own coffee with Raj and apologizes exactly how she left your. Raj dreams they can get back together; although not, she is now watching anybody.

Janine Davis (Regina Queen) [ ]

For the “The latest Hofstadter Deficiency”, Raj goes to a-work societal to meet up women and you may works on the has just split Janine Davis. Earliest, the guy insults her, and then shortly after a rough apology, they sit back as well as have a grownup dialogue once the relatives, new things getting Raj. Immediately after she simply leaves, he still brags in order to Howard he wishes significantly more, however, admits one to he’ll most likely not followup inside it.

Yvette the newest Veterinarian [ ]

For the “The fresh Locomotive Manipulation”, while you are within the proper care of Leonard and you will Cent, Cinnamon eats a package out of Valentine’s day chocolate which will make a good dog quite sick. Whenever Raj reaches the new veterinarian’s office, he is most frustrated which have Leonard and Penny and also defensive regarding his dog. It declaration meets the brand new vet which as well as possesses a dog. Toward information she gets Raj, she and additionally brings your their particular contact number. Absolutely nothing appeared to have recently come out from it while the Yvette is never seen or been aware of again.

Emily Sweeney (Laura Spencer) [ ]

Emily finds out Raj too shy and you may gГҐ passive, but has plenty in common having Amy so they package discover together. Raj charges during the trying never be couch potato, however, Emily discovers your weird and without having any borders and you will simply leaves. Raj have ruined a potential relationship for both your and you may Amy.

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